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Handheld Terminal

HT682 Long Range
Advanced reading performance

HT682LR (Long Range) Advanced reading performance The Unitech HT682LR (Long Range) is a high quality handheld terminal offering great features and amazing reading performance. Equipped with a high performance omnidirectional 1D/2D Near-Far area imager, the HT682LR gives you the reliability and flexibility needed to increase productivity and efficiency in all of your data collection applications.   Its omni-directional reading capability, coupled with a highly visible laser pointer, allows users to seamlessly transition between scanning from objects up close to 15 meters away. This is done without requiring the user to move from their location, even in variable lighting conditions and angles Designed for the toughest work environments, this device is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially in retail, warehousing and logistics.   The HT682LR offers advanced performance at an affordable price! Advanced performance and durable design Equipped with a fast 800 MHz processor and Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 operating system makes this device not only fast but also compatible with a variety of existing software applications. Its Bluetooth and WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) provide fast real-time data collection. Conform to Unitech standards, the HT682LR is ultra-rugged and designed for the toughest working environments. The HT682LR is IP65 rated, can withstand a multiple 1.8 meter drop to concrete and features golden plated non-rusting connector pins. High performance long range imager The HT682LR offers advanced reading performance in terms of accuracy, flexibility and distance. With a long range reading distance (up to 15 meters), this long range 1D/2D area imager makes scanning more efficient since there is no need to step out of your forklift truck. Extended usage The HT682 weighs only 381g and is ergonomically designed for one-handed operation and 30° tilted helical scanning. The optional gun grip and extended battery makes the HT682LR perfect for scan-intensive applications. Equipped with a built-in VT terminal emulation and Mobile Device Management tool (12Manage) supported makes the HT682LR perfect for extended usage!   Reading distance up to 15 meters! Features: - Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 - TI OMAP AM3703, 800MHz CPU - Omnidirectional Long-range 1D/2D imager (reading distance up to 15 meters) - High performance - reads poorly printed, damaged and bar codes down to 3mil resolutio - Future proofed - reads 1D, composite, stacked and 2D bar codes, to comply with the newest industry standards - Gold plated non-rusting connector pins - IP65 rated and 1.8 meter drop test to concrete - Built-in VT terminal emulation and MDM supported (12Manage)  

HT1 Series
HT1 1D Batch / HT1 2D

unitech electronics co., ltd., a leading global provider of automatic identification and data capture technologies, has launched its latest compact handheld terminal, HT1. It is a pocket-sized mobile computer with superior data collection solution, suitable for a wide range of applications including retail, transportation and warehousing. Compact Pocket-Sized Design Coming with intelligent imaging technology for high-performance scanning, the HT1 ensures read reliability for mobile phone screens and paper in any orientation. Running with Android 4.4 operating system, HT1 has a 2-inch LCD display that supports 240x320 pixel resolutions, allowing users to get feedback of the scanned information immediately. Base on its pocket-sized design for one-handed operation, it is highly portable with simple keyboard layout that is easy to carry around and easier typing. HT1 is an ideal tool to automate the capture of inventory data and allows user to take action quickly and accurately.  Reliable and Durable Engineering with industrial materials, HT1 is rugged enough to withstand multiple 5 feet drop to concrete and equipped with IP54 environmental seal against water and dust. Featuring a great adaptable design, the device provides multiple wireless communications such as Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi and wireless LAN a/b/g/n radio that ensures seamless wireless data transmission and real-time collections to back-end system. Combing with multi-functionality and lightweight design, unitech HT1 perfectly reflects its high performance at a best available price. Versatile MDM solutions It also supports Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, users can easily remote to set up, update, monitor and troubleshoot all of your devices. It is ideal for use to do garment processing, food order taking, logistics controlling and inventory management. Combing functionality with durable design, the unitech HT1 provides the power for enterprise to streamline business processes and increase productivity and efficiency in all data collection applications. Features 2” ergonomic handheld terminal with Android 4.4 operating system Integrated superior 1D/2D barcode imaging technology Ergonomic design for one-handed operation, 30 degree scanning tilt Support 12Management and MoboLink, Airwatch, SOTI Built in Robust Pogo pins and Micro USB (Support OTG) WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.2 Classic connectivity Rugged Construction: IP54 rated and 1.5M drop certified (function(w,d,u,b){w['Bitrix24FormObject']=b;w[b] = w[b] || function(){arguments[0].ref=u; (w[b].forms=w[b].forms||[]).push(arguments[0])}; if(w[b]['forms']) return; s=d.createElement('script');r=1*new Date();s.async=1;s.src=u+'?'+r; h=d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];h.parentNode.insertBefore(s,h); })(window,document,'','b24form'); b24form({"id":"10","lang":"en","sec":"wda2gl","type":"button","click":""}); function OpenPopupWindow() { var url = ""; myRef = ,'mywin','left=20,top=20,width=500,height=500,toolbar=1,resizable=0'); myRef.focus() }

Rugged Handheld Terminal

  Unitech Electronics Co., Ltd., A leading global provider of automatic identification and data capture technologies, has launched its latest rugged handheld terminal, HT682. Unitech HT682 is a versatile handheld terminal with superior data collection solution, suitable for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, retail, logistics and transportation. Coming with an area scanner design for high range scanning, HT682 offers ergonomic 30 degree scanning tilt for best user experience. Base on its ergonomic and compact design for one-handed operation, HT682 is an ideal tool to automate the capture of inventory data and allows user to take action quickly and accurately. Designed for the harsh environments, HT682 is rugged enough to withstand multiple 6 feet drop to concrete and equipped with IP65 environmental seal against water and dust. Featuring a great adaptable design, the device provides multiple wireless communications such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g/n radios for real-time data collection. Featuring a 2.8 inch display with color touch screen and micro SD expansion slot for data storage, HT682 is also equipped with the latest Windows Embedded Compact Professional 6.0 R3 operating system which is compatible with various software applications. Combing functionality with durable design, the Unitech HT682 provides the power for enterprise to streamline business processes and increase productivity and efficiency in all data collection applications.     Features: .Windows Embedded Compact Professional 6.0 R3 .TI OMAP AM3703, 800MHz .Integrated 1D Laser / 2D Imager ( optional) scan engine .30 degree scanning tilt .802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR connectivity .Expendable MicroSD memory card .Gold plated non-rusting connector pins .IP65 rated .1.8-meter / 6-foot drop threshold

Rugged Handheld Terminal

The HT630 rugged and compact portable data terminalis a newcomer with an impressive pedigree. It is the latest in Unitech’s family of successful entry to mid-level portable data terminals. The HT630 replaces the highly successful PT630 which currently has over 100,000 users across the supply chain, retail and field service markets. The HT630 offers high performance and flexible functionality at an affordable price. It has an integrated laser or CCD barcode scanner supports all common 1D barcode symbologies. Its multiple memory configurations ensure support for the most resource intensive data capture applications. While the HT630 offers many enhancements over its predecessor, it is fully backwards compatible and shares all the same accessories. Users can implement the latest technology to work in parallel with their existing devices without the need for an expensive swap out of legacy equipment. The form factor and layout are designed to offer maximum comfort with single-handed operation, and the 27-character alphanumeric phosphorescent keypad aids use in poorly lit conditions. Features : ‧IP54 rated against dust and moisture ingress ‧Survives multiple 1.2M drops to concrete ‧Weighs only 230g for comfortable use ‧Integrated laser or CCD scanner for 1D barcode reading ‧Ergonomically designed for single-handed operation ‧Capable of multiple memory configurations ‧128 x 64 pixel display ‧27-key alphanumeric phosphorescent keypad ‧JobGen Plus programming tool