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Wearable Computers

BD100 | Smart Badge (Windows)

The new Unitech BD100 is a Windows 10 wearable computer suited for a wide range of enterprise applications. Rugged, versatile, and customizable to meet the needs of today’s high performance workplaces, the BD100 is a unique, multifaceted device that introduces a new level of usability and efficiency. Beyond a simple smart watch, the BD100 can be used for various applications tailored to each business function and will help make processes and work scheduling more efficient. Features Compact and Versatile Weighing just 55 grams, the BD100 can be used as an employee badge for private or restricted access or as a time stamp for clocking in and clocking out. The built-in speaker and microphone and can be used to give instruction to employees or update them on company information. At two inches high and two inches wide, the BD100 smart badge fits nicely in the palm of your hands.  • • •   Reliable and Durable Housed in a rugged body and equipped with a heavy-duty strap, the BD100 can withstand drops, bumps, falls, and the harshest environments. It is environmentally sealed to protect it against dirt and dust and features a Gorilla Glass touch screen.  • • • Easy to Use Never worry about a missed message because of a hard-to-read screen. The BD100's crystal clear TFT LCD screen ensures you can see in brightly lit or dimly lit conditions. The ultra-sensitive capacitive touch screen is operable in extreme climes and can be used while wearing gloves.  • • • Summary • Ultra compact and lightweight - wear as a watch, on a lanyard, or belt clip • Built for enterprise use: Gorilla Glass display, IP67 environmental seal • Windows IoT Core operating system • Highly sensitive touch screen works with gloved hands • Integrated wireless communication (Bluetooth/ WiFi / NFC) • Built-in accelerometer orients the screen for easy viewing • 5MP autofocus camera for data collection • Warranty: 1 year Next Steps We're here to help. Our California-based team is ready to assist with product support, purchasing information and general inquiries. Call 1-800-861-8648 Email Chat 5am-5pm Pacific (function(w,d,u,b){w['Bitrix24FormObject']=b;w[b] = w[b] || function(){arguments[0].ref=u; (w[b].forms=w[b].forms||[]).push(arguments[0])}; if(w[b]['forms']) return; s=d.createElement('script');r=1*new Date();s.async=1;s.src=u+'?'+r; h=d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];h.parentNode.insertBefore(s,h); })(window,document,'','b24form'); b24form({"id":"10","lang":"en","sec":"wda2gl","type":"button","click":""}); function OpenPopupWindow() { var url = ""; myRef = ,'mywin','left=20,top=20,width=500,height=500,toolbar=1,resizable=0'); myRef.focus() }