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Numeric Keypad

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Numeric Keypad


USB Keypad

Streamline numeric data entry with the durable K19 numeric keypad. Its comfortable design and competitive price point make this keypad a true essential. Features Quick Data Entry Speed up number-intensive tasks at the home, office, or warehouse. Simplify frequent calculations while increasing accuracy. The K19 numeric keypad helps your team speed through any data entry process. • • • Ergonomic Inputting data is repetitive by nature. And repetitive motions can decrease productivity by straining fingers and wrists. A numeric keypad helps make data entry as comfortable as possible for both right-handed and left-handed users. The compact size allows you to position your keypad and mouse in the most convenient position for your workflow.   Summary • USB interface • 19 keys • Compact, space-saving design • No external power supply needed • Tactile feedback • Silent Keys • 1-year warranty Model Comparison   K19 K595 K2714 Keyboard Features       Total Keys 19 Keys 88 Keys 104 Keys Programmable Keys     • Relegendable Keys     • Magnetic Card Reader     • Barcode Scanner Port       Interface Options       USB • • • PS2 / AT   • • Color Options       Black • • • Beige   • • Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year Questions? Need a quote? Reach out to our California-based team for pricing, availability, and more. Phone 1-800-861-8648 Email Chat 9am-5pm Pacific   ...

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