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Fixed Mount Terminal (Windows)

Grant access to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. The MT380 is one of the most compact IP-based Time & Attendance / Access Control terminals on the market. Operating on the versatile Windows CE 5.0 platform, the MT380 can be customized for deployment in numerous vertical applications.

For access control and security assurance, the MT380 utilizes a host of unique features, such as integrated proximity and fingerprint readers, 2-megapixel camera and microphone. Also, data input is seamless with a large numeric keypad, function keys and 3.5-inch QVGA color touch-screen. The MT380 offers Ethernet and WiFi network connectivity, and supports POE to eliminate the need for additional AC power adapters.


• 3.5" color touch-screen
• HID/EM proximity reader or finger print reader
• USB, Power-Over-Ethernet, RS232 and 802.11b/g
• Large good read dual color LED notification
• SD slot
• 2 Relay outputs, 2 photo-coupler inputs
• 1-year warranty


The Unitech customer support team is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.



8am-5pm Pacific

  • Power Management

  • Power input DC 12V/2A
    Mini UPS One rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with @ 3.7V, 1200mAH for 1 hour operation
    UPS Operation Time 1 hour
    Charging Time 12 hours
    Backup Battery Embedded Backup Battery
    RTC keeping 6 days
  • System

  • OS Windows CE 5.0
    CPU Intel PXA 270CE520 MHz
    Memory FlashROM: 64MB
    SDRAM: 128MB
    Keyboard 17 hard keys (12 numeric and 5 function keys)
    Display 3.5’’ QVGA color touch-screen
  • Communication and I/O

  • Ethernet Connection RS232 support DCD, TXD, RXD, CTS, RTS, DTR, DSR & GND
    RS485 One RJ45 support TX+, TX-, RX+ & RXEthernet
    One RJ45 with PoE (DC 5V/2A)
    *PS: RS232/RS485 either one by S2 switch selection
    USB v1.1 Host
    Relay Two 2A/30Vdc, 0.5/250Vac
    Digital input Two photo-couplers (3.3V ~ 12V)
  • Expansion

  • Slot SD Slot for expansion
  • Enclosure

  • Dimension 8.9”L x 3.9”W x 1.3”H
    Weight 1.06 lbs
  • Programming SDK

  • Programs API for I/O drivers, C#, VB.NET and C++
  • AutoID Reader

  • Types EM Proximity 125kHz
    HID 125kHz
    MiFare 13.65MHz (ISO14443A only or ISO14443A/B & ISO15693)
    Fingerprint (1:1)
  • Environmental

  • Operation Temperature 32°F to 122°F
    Storage Temperature -4°F to 158°F
    Humidity 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
  • Warranty

  • Main Unit 1 year
    Cables and Adapters 90 days
  • USB Cable

  • PN# 1550-203154G
    (12 inches)

  • RS232 Input Cable

  • PN# 1550-201371G
    (79 inches)

  • RS232 Output Cable

  • PN# 1550-203155G
    (71 inches)

  • Power Supply

  • PN# 1010-602048G

  • Stylus

  • PN# 382014G

  • EM Proximity Card
    (125 KHz)

  • PN# PR010 (Thin)
    PN# PR110 (Thick)

  • Mounting Kit
    (Extension Box)

  • PN# 4070-602734G

  • Mounting Kit
    (Flush Mount)

  • PN# 4070-602733G

  • Product Documentation

  • File Description Download
    MT380 User Guide
    MT380 Installation Guide
    MT380 Programming Guide
    MT380 Quick Start Guide
    MT380 Brochure

  • Supporting Software

  • File Description Download
    PDA 10
    MT380 proximity card reader demo source code.

    UPEK Demo
    UPEK fingerprint reader demo code for the MT380.

    Camera Demo
    Demo source code for the MT380 camera (written in C#).

    Sync the date/time of the MT380 with NTP time servers on the Internet.

    Restore the registry settings, install applications, and hide the tool bar and desktop on the MT380.


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