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Company News
  • 17
  • Sep
  • 2009
  • New monitoring software locks-down access to applications and increases user productivity

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    Unitech America has introduced 12Monitor, an innovative new monitoring software that controls access to applications on Unitech mobile computers. The software is being offered free to customers and can be easily downloaded onto any Windows-based Unitech device.

    12Monitor puts the device in kiosk mode, allowing users to access certain applications, but not the entire operating system. Locking down parts of the system prevents users from changing settings, increases security and ensures users are being productive and efficient while using the device.

    With 12Monitor, the mobile computer's desktop can be completely customized with colors, icons and logos. Instead of a standard Windows desktop, the device displays up to 10 buttons labeled for the specific application the user is allowed to access. 12Monitor can be configured to fit any user's needs by locking down and providing access to any combination of applications.

    Customers can easily download 12Monitor for free from the mobile computer product pages on the Unitech website. For more information about 12Monitor, please contact your Unitech representative.