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  • 19
  • Oct
  • 2010
  • Unitech Scanner Reads Barcodes from Digital Screens
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    The Unitech MS337 2D imager scanner is capable of reading QR codes straight from the screen of a computer, iTouch or cell phone.  A high-resolution image sensor, complemented by a wide-angle lens, makes this possible.  

    Makai Inc., a worldwide engagement marketing firm, employed the Unitech MS337’s technology at a recent Nestlé corporate event held in Huntington Beach, CA.

    “We were having problems with some of the scanners that we received from another company and reached out to Unitech to provide us with a solution,” said Mitchell Liday, Dir. Client Services for Makai.  “Unitech’s 2D imager technology was exactly what we needed to create the failsafe experience we had in mind.” 

    Makai organized the interactive “Fauxsquare” game that gave attendees the chance to win instant prizes by periodically checking in at various kiosk checkpoints throughout the event.  Each attendee received an iPod Touch that came programmed with event information, including a QR code used to track and log attendee location at each checkpoint.

    Equipped with a Unitech MS337 scanner at each checkpoint, attendees simply scanned the QR code straight from the iPod Touch screen.  By having the QR code on the screen of their mobile device, Makai was able to send out real-time updates to each attendee and easily track and log attendee location.  This eliminated the need for printed barcodes and the need to manually keep track of and update everyone’s information.

    “Makai’s innovative use of our technology is exciting to witness,” explained Bill Lewis, Unitech Director of Sales and Marketing. “The attendees using the technology were blown away by the innovative concept, and that has opened many doors to new ideas for future use.”

    The MS337 is currently one of Unitech’s best-selling scanners.  It has the ability to scan in direct sunlight or total darkness, and is used across the globe in many and varied industries.  

    About Makai
    Makai Inc. is an award-winning Engagement Marketing agency with offices in El Segundo, CA, Germany and Peru.  Makai specializes in creating and executing strategic concepts for brands, in order to engage consumers via penetrating, meaningful and lasting experiences.  For more information about Makai Inc., contact