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  • 27
  • Oct
  • 2010
  • Unitech Disinfectant-Ready Healthcare Products Receive Antimicrobial Certification
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    The Unitech PA600 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) handheld computer and the MS337H healthcare scanner incorporate antimicrobial materials in their disinfectant-ready plastic housing.  This antimicrobial enclosure provides an additional layer of protection against the exponential build-up and spread of potentially threatening bacteria and microbes.

    To be considered antimicrobial under the JIS Z2801:2000 test standard, surfaces must be tested and verified by approved test labs.  Surfaces meeting the antimicrobial requirements receive an antimicrobial rating, or log reduction value, of greater than 2.0.

    When tested against the buildup of Methicillian-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA, or “Staph”), Unitech’s antimicrobial/disinfectant-ready plastic housing received an antimicrobial rating of 4.81, which translates to a 99.998% percent reduction in MSRA accumulation.

    Performing similarly in other tests, Unitech’s antimicrobial/disinfectant-ready housing received an antimicrobial rating of 7.20, or 99.999% resistance against E. coli buildup.

    While antimicrobial surfaces provide an added layer of protection against germ accumulation, standard healthcare procedures require regular cleaning and disinfection of any point-of-care device.  Unitech’s antimicrobial/disinfectant-ready housing is designed to withstand daily cleaning with common healthcare cleaning solutions.

    The usage of disinfectant wipes enhances the antimicrobial properties of the plastic while leaving it’s disinfectant-ready attributes unaffected and allowing its color to remain constant.  In aging tests conducted over an eight-week period, the plastic did not discolor or crack when wiped with disinfectant wipes three times a day.