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  • 02
  • Nov
  • 2010
  • Unitech America Appoints Five Vertical Focus Consultants Specializing in Healthcare, Distribution and Government
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    Unitech now provides its customers in healthcare, government and distribution with vertical industry consultants that specialize in their area of expertise to better serve the end-user.

    With the introduction of the antimicrobial healthcare-specific product line, Rancy Reyes and Jamie Shipley specialize in providing healthcare solutions, and have become intimately familiar with the problems that healthcare professionals face.  Expertise in the common problems that nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners encounter on a daily basis has helped Unitech provide superior solutions that revolutionize the efficiency of daily healthcare operations.
“Catching medication errors at the bedside by using barcode scanning at the point-of-care has a tremendous impact on eliminating errors and saving lives,” explains Shipley. “Unitech’s two healthcare focused scanning products assist in saving lives and lowering costs.”  

    Unitech has recently been added to the GSA list of approved government vendors.  Matt Gonzales specializes in government solutions, and understands the challenges of making a simple purchase in a governmental environment.  With the complexity and depth of the policies surrounding government purchasing, including selecting an approved vendor, pricing comparison for adequate usage of earmarked funds, obtaining necessary approval, and actually implementing the solution in compliance with governmental policy, Gonzales is able to help customers in government settings through the hoops of the purchasing process.
“The government purchasing process is among the most complex out there.  Unitech understands this and strives to simplify the lives of our public sector customers by making the purchasing process as seamless as possible, while providing ideal solutions at affordable prices,” remarks Gonzales.

    As a solution provider for some of the largest distribution companies in the entire country, Unitech distribution consultants David Mears and Ben Keo bring lots of knowledge and experience providing necessary and exemplary solutions that help these companies maximize productivity and efficiency.  
“Unitech mobile computers offer distinct modern technology advantages over older legacy acoustic handheld devices,” states Keo. “With larger memory capacity, more horsepower and faster connection speeds, it is very easy to load entire product catalogs onto our portable devices.  As such, we provide practical, simple solutions for common distribution problems.”

    Bill Lewis, Director of Sales and Marketing, comments, “When we are able to focus, we are able to grow.  Our consultant team is very talented and they have the desire and the drive to see Unitech and their vertical partners reach new heights.”