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  • 18
  • Feb
  • 2011
  • Unitech Releases Updated HT660 Handheld Computer

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    Unitech has released an updated version of the HT660. The new generation, called the HT660e, is still the compact, ergonomic, rugged handheld computer of the previous generation, but with significant updates to its interior.

    The HT660e now features an upgraded 667MHz Samsung Processor, Windows CE 6.0, and more internal memory. Besides the performance enhancements, the HT660e also has improved wireless communication with Summit WiFi and CCX4 certification.

    Other features of the HT660e include an optional field-mountable gun grip for scanning in large quanties when necessary, an SDHC expansion slot that supports up to 16GB of added storage capacity, and an integrated laser barcode scanner. The HT660e also maintains the functional 36-key alphanumeric keypad from the previous generation.

    With an IP54 rating and the ability to function at extreme temperatures, the HT660e is still the rugged, durable, and reliable handheld computer that can fit a variety of needs, while offering the functionality necessary to get the job done.