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  • 20
  • Oct
  • 2014
  • It’s time to “Fall Into Winter” with our Wireless Sales Event!

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    As you may know, our offices are located in Southern California. While we love the weather here, it can be hard to stay in the festive spirit when our sweaters are more fashion accessory than necessity.

    We’ve decided to celebrate this year’s holiday season by discounting some of our most popular wireless products. It’s time to stock up on your favorite Unitech solutions!

    Five scanners, one mobile computer. We’re putting six of our products on sale until the end of the year.

    First on the list–our PA700 handheld computer. Just launched earlier this year, our PA700 runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1. and gives you access to the Google Play Store. Enjoy $50 off this rugged and versatile device.

    Our Bluetooth companion scanners (MS910, MS912m, and MS920) are great choices for any mobile worker. With 1D and 2D scan engines and onboard memory for batch applications, there’s a Unitech Bluetooth companion scanner for every business. Enjoy $20 off each model. BONUS–they fit in a stocking.

    Our RF wireless scanners (MS840P and MS842P) are already an amazing way to slash away at your bottom line, and now they’re $30 off! You can bring wireless barcode scanning to your business at half the cost of Bluetooth. In fact, the computer you use to pair these scanners with doesn’t even have to be Bluetooth-enabled. All it needs is a USB port!

    Save $50 on our Android device, $20 on our pocket scanners and $30 on our RF scanners all throughout this Fall and Winter.

    We’ll be working with all of our distribution partners to give you this great price while supplies last. Enjoy the season, and don’t forget to stock up for next year!

    You may remember that we had a similar blowout on our wireless products last year. Maybe this is a tradition we’ll have to continue.