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Company News
  • 12
  • Aug
  • 2016
  • New Rugged Android Certifications

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     Unitech Partners with SOTI, IntelliTrack, and Verizon to enhance the user experience.  


    The rugged PA692A handheld computer was certified for use with SOTI MobiControl. Our toughest Android offering, the PA692A runs Android 4.3 with an integrated barcode scanner and keypad.  

    "SOTI’s MobiControl solution can take a large deployment of PA692As to the next level,” said Shash Anand, VP of Strategic Alliance. “With over 20 million devices under management worldwide, global businesses need a simple way to manage all their hardware at once. SOTI’s EMM leadership allows us to offer solutions businesses need to keep their devices functioning and secure from anywhere."

    The MobiControl solution helps users manage all of their devices at once, not just Unitech handhelds. That includes computers, tablets, and more.  


    The Unitech Android line is the first to be certified for Intellitrack's new Android app. Stratus Mobile for Android is a cloud-based inventory control solution for small to medium businesses. It is now officially available on the Unitech PA700 and PA692A rugged handheld computers.  

    The Intellitrack Stratus app takes our rugged Android line to the next level” said Brian Silence, Director of Business Development for Unitech America. “Packaged together it’s an unbeatable combination of affordability and value. It’s sure to make a tangible difference in the tracking of key inventory, helping businesses stock and sell smarter.” 



    Finally, we are happy to announce the certification of our best-selling PA700 with Verizon. This means this Unitech staple is ready for real-time updates on the sales floor or on the field. The new PA700V unites the ease of use of a 4G Android smartphone and the sheer power of generations of rugged handhelds. The PA700V is the first Android handheld Unitech certifies for use on a 4G network.