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  • Client : AMC Theatres
  • Product :PA720 VeriScan Mobile Software 
  • Solution :AMC Theatres | ID Verification for Liquor Sales
  • AMC Movie Theaters is an industry leader in the American movie theater market and the largest movie theater chain in the world. The chain employs 34,000 people and boasts over 8,200 screens in the United States and 2,200 screens in Europe, proving AMC is the top choice when going to the movies.

    AMC opened their signature MacGuffins Bar & Lounge within many of their theater lobbies nationwide. MacGuffins enhances the movie-going experience by serving appetizers, refreshments, and alcoholic beverages to customers before and during shows.  

    The lounge addition has been a success but many employees were having trouble verifying customers’ ages. This was done manually in their heads, which led to a lot of error, especially during busy shifts. The company wanted a faster and more accurate way to check identification.

    An executive from AMC found’s booth at ISC West, a security industry show in Las Vegas, Nevada. bundled their verification software with our PA720 mobile computer to provide AMC with a complete solution for their needs.

    AMC opted for’s age verification app, VeriScan Mobile,  that displayed a green check mark if a patron was 21 or over or a red “X” if they were underage. offers complete ID scanning solutions to enable bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and service industries to quickly verify a patron’s age by swiping a state driver’s license or identification card. This cuts down on time and avoids unneeded fines to the company. combined their age verification program with Unitech’s PA720 mobile computer which easily scans ID cards at the touch of a button. It runs on the Android 6.0 OS and features a 12-hour hot swap battery and a powerful Qualcomm Quad-Core processor. With an IP65 environmental seal against dirt, dust, and water and built with a pogo pin connector, the PA720 can survive the most rugged environments. A 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass display screen gives you plenty of screen real estate, and a push-to-talk button connects you to your team in a heartbeat.

    Through this solution, AMC served more drinks to the right customers and saw increased profits by instituting an efficient and foolproof system.

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