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  • Client : General Mills
  • Product :MR650 
  • Solution :General Mills | Time & Attendance Tracking
  • General Mills is among the world’s largest food companies, and markets some of the world’s best-loved brands including Betty Crocker and Cheerios.
    Identiphoto Company, established in 1969 and located in Willoughby, Ohio, is a leading full-service ID technology systems integrator.

    A General Mills facility wanted to eliminate a lot of time and inefficiencies from their method of collecting training attendance data. In order to meet compliance requirements and ensure their employees were receiving the critical information they needed, the facility tracked attendance by having employees sign attendance sheets, which were collected and turned in to training administration for entry into a database as a permanent record of training.

    This system required upwards of 60 labor hours each month, and had several inherent problems: attendance sheets were sometimes misplaced or lost, there was a time lag between collecting data and getting it into a database from which compliance reports could be generated, managers could not quickly identify their training gaps, information written on the attendance sheets was often difficult to decipher (requiring follow-up phone calls and emails), and there were occasional human errors in data entry. Additionally, the facility was about to implement an audience-response system for training and surveys, and needed a simple way to associate response units with attendees.

    The desired solution would be simple and quick for training organizers to learn and to use, and would not increase the time required to collect attendance data in the meetings. It would utilize key fobs employees already carried with them for the time clock and door entry systems.

    The General Mills facility chose to work with IDentiphoto, a Unitech reseller and integrator. Utilizing 12 Unitech MR650 units, IDentiphoto created a customized application and solution that allows for easy, accurate correlation of attendees, instructors, classes, and audience-response units. Team leaders input class and instructor information, and attendees use their key fobs to scan into the class session. When the audience-response system will be used, they use additional key fobs attached to the responders to scan in and associate the responders with the attendees, so that live quizzes and tests can be utilized. The software stores the data in a log table that can be easily imported into General Mills’ HR system, and the significant time and resources that were devoted to data entry can now be put toward more productive work.

    “The IDentiphoto Company provided superior service in helping us design, implement and improve an employee training attendance-tracking system,” said John Linderman, Training Manager. “We’ve been able to eliminate roughly 50 labor hours per month, and other losses associated with collecting and entering paper attendance sheets for data entry. During implementation, as we discovered a few unanticipated design flaws, IDentiphoto was very quick to respond with improvements to adapt the system to best suit the facility’s workforce.”

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