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  • Client : BMI Systems Group
  • Product :PA692 
  • Solution :BMI Systems Group | Asset Tracking
  • BMI Systems Group provides fully integrated asset tracking software for public entities such as school districts, county and city offices. BMI services small and large businesses as well. They offer a complete solution of software, supplies, and procedures for automated data collection and management.

    BMI is a solution provider that utilizes Unitech devices as part of their solution. The challenge lies in businesses that are using spreadsheets in consumer-grade software like Microsoft Excel to keep track of their assets as opposed to dedicated software/hardware.

    Using BMI’s software bundled with Unitech’s mobile computers provides the customer with a simple way to accurately capture data and record assets. Using software not optimized for asset tracking can invite needless mistakes and cause more work. BMI and Unitech’s partnership has eliminated these hassles and streamlined the processes for many businesses.

    BMI has used many of Unitech's mobile computers over the years including the PA692, PA950, PA600, and PA600-II.

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