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  • Client : Elections Canada
  • Product :AS10 
  • Solution :Elections Canada Case Study | Government Voting
  • Elections Canada is an independent, non-partisan agency ensuring Canadians are able to exercise their democratic right to vote. Also known as the Office to the Chief Electoral Officer, they conduct general federal elections, monitor compliance with electoral legislation and are in charge of administering the political financing provisions of the Canada Elections Act.


    Prior to Unitech’s solution, Elections Canada was using the old-fashioned way of recording votes manually. Inevitably, this was time-consuming and left a lot of room for error.


    Elections Canada contacted Compucon, an etailer and IT solutions provider, they then referred them to Synnex Canada, a large electronics distributor. Synnex recommended an efficient, low-cost Unitech scanner that worked perfectly for their needs. After receiving a test unit of the device, Elections Canada purchased 18,000 units of Unitech’s AS10; a light and durable 1D barcode scanner that is useful for a variety of applications.

    Another huge plus was Unitech’s unmatched Canada and US-based service, support and warranty. If a device malfunctions and needs repair, it can be sent to a local warehouse for servicing. This along with price convinced the non-profit to chose Unitech over other competitors.

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