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  • Client : Admit One Products
  • Product :PA700 
  • Solution :Admit One Case Study | Event Ticketing
  • Admit One Products specializes in providing needed accessories for events such as wristbands, lanyards, drink tickets, coat check tags, and ballot boxes. As part of their complete event ticketing solutions, they also offer equipment rentals of barcode scanners and mobile computers to end users to utilize during events.


    Before Unitech’s solution, Admit One’s customers were using paper lists to keep track of ticket holders which left a lot of room for error and ineffective accounting.


    Unitech worked with Admit One to bundle their accessories with our scanners and mobile computers. They initially started with one of our legacy devices and updated the equipment as needed with our line of mobile computers; PA96X, PA960, PA963, PA962, PA966, and PA700 respectively.

    Admit One chose Unitech over other competitors because of the ease of doing business, our close proximity to their headquarters, and fast response times.

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