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  • Client : Comcast/Xfinity
  • Product :MS910 
  • Solution :Comcast/Xfinity Case Study | Field Service
  • Comcast NBC Universal is a leader in residential and commercial Internet, phone, and cable television. This cable communications giant boasts over $80 billion dollars in revenue and over 22 million customers in the United States.


    Prior to Unitech’s solution, Comcast technicians would manually inventory truck supplies like cable TV boxes, routers, and remotes. And with hundreds of trucks going to and from residences daily, this resulted in lost, forgotten, or stolen supplies which meant lost revenue.


    Comcast researched many manufacturers of rugged mobile computers and barcode scanners such as Motorola, Opticon, Datalogic, and CipherLab. They decided on Unitech because we developed a double click feature for them. The techs used iPhones to scan barcodes and Unitech customized the software so when the scan feature was activated, the keyboard would disappear after two clicks. This helped immensely and improved efficiency.

    Initially, Comcast’s order was for 100 units of the MS910 pocket scanner, but after seeing Unitech’s willingness to customize features and ease of doing business, they increased their order to 2,500 units.

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