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  • Client : Iris USA
  • Product :HT682 
  • Solution :Iris USA Case Study | Logistics & Warehousing
  • Iris USA gets people organized with their innovative line of home, office, school, crafts, and pet storage solutions. They opened their North American offices in 1994 and are well known for their clear plastic storage product line. They provide affordable and efficient systems and have branched out into small appliances, cookware, and home goods.


    In 2005, Iris USA needed enterprise mobile computers to take inventory. They were having trouble pairing their devices to their specialized web-based app running on Windows CE.


    After testing the quality and performance of Unitech products, they chose us over competitors for our product functionality. In addition, our devices were able to successfully run their app on Windows CE and they loved the ease of doing business with us. Since then, they have replaced older Unitech devices with new ones such as the PA962, PA960, PA968, and their current model - the HT682 rugged handheld computer.

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