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  • Client : Apex Supply Chain Technologies
  • Product :FC75 MS842 
  • Solution :Apex Supply Chain | Vending Machine Purchases
  • Apex specializes in automated point-of-use dispensing and supply chain technologies providing tailored, scalable, hardware and software solutions.


    Apex, a large supply chain management firm, was in search of an easy-to-use and efficient barcode scanner solution that integrated seamlessly with their automated Locker Systems. These lockers are intelligent devices that allow employees to check out and check in valuable items from the point-of-work all by simply swiping an employee badge.  


    After testing Unitech’s devices, the supply chain provider chose three Unitech models that suited their needs. They selected two gun-grip scanners; the MS320 and the MS842. The third device was the FC75; a compact presentation scanner which allows for hands-free scanning. The scanners fit nicely into their current locker designs and allow users to check out or pay for items easily.

    Apex needed a specialized scanner cable connection as they were initially cutting cables to fit in the lockers’ input port, but it was tedious work. Unitech worked with Apex to create a custom cable for them, saving them time and money. 

    This Unitech solution provided Apex quality devices and service, comparable to competing tier one brands, at a much lower price point.

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