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  • Client : Continental Carbon Company
  • Product :PA700 
  • Solution :Continental Carbon Company | Inventory Control
  • Continental Carbon Company has developed and licensed its carbon black manufacturing technology in more than 15 countries. Located in Houston, Texas, Continental Carbon provides high quality carbon products, including industrial rubber, tire rubber, and specialty carbon black. The Continental Carbon scientists and engineers have patented unique reactor technology for the rubber goods marketplace.

    Continental Carbon is required by law to keep careful inventory of their machinery and materials. In order to meet those standards, the carbon manufacturer kept careful records with a pen-and-paper method. However, the manual process was slow and error-prone. Continental Carbon was looking for a way to automate their inventory process.

    Continental Carbon gravitated to the unique TB120 tablet and the slim and ergonomic PA700. Both devices run on Android, making development much easier. The TB120 was the only rugged Android tablet with the elements their operation required. The TB120 features an integrated barcode scanner; there’s no need to buy a companion scanner seperately. The aggressive scanner is built in right on the device, making scanning machines and tires much easier.

    The TB120 and PA700 were found to be rugged enough to withstand the falls and rough handling of a manufacturing plant. This means their investment in technology will not be compromised by constant repair and replacement costs.

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