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  • Client : Yamaha Motor Corporation
  • Product :HT682 
  • Solution :Yamaha Motor Corporation | Order Picking & Warehousing
  • Yamaha is one of the most recognizable brands in the world; their auto division equally so. Known for producing the highest quality motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and apparel, Yamaha Motor Corporation is a leader in all things fast and furious at wallet-friendly prices.


    The auto crafts giant was looking to upgrade their mobile computers which they used for order picking in the warehouse. Their old devices were text-based systems and were no longer in production.


    Using Quest Solution, an inventory management solution provider, Yamaha tested a few devices including Unitech and Motorola. Yamaha was pleased with the performance of the Unitech HT680 mobile computer and features like the full color screen and top tier scan engine. Additionally, having Unitech’s office and warehouse location so close to Yamaha’s was a plus. A Unitech rep was able to meet Yamaha employees in person and hand deliver the demo units to their office.

    The HT680 runs on the Windows CE operating system and features a 520MHz processor, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and an IP54 environmental seal rating. Yamaha also liked how they could design a custom case and lanyard for the HT680 to match their needs.

    Yamaha has recently upgraded their devices with the HT682 mobile computer, the next generation to the HT680. It is housed in a sturdy casing that survives drops of up to 6 feet, runs on Windows CE 6.0, and holds 512MB of RAM memory.

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