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  • Client : The Boeing Company
  • Product :MS100 
  • Solution :The Boeing Company Case Study | Parts Ordering
  • The name Boeing is synonymous with planes and flight. Even those without any aviation knowledge know that most commercial jetliners are Boeing planes. It has become the industry standard and is known as the best aerospace company to fly with.


    Boeing’s process for ordering any part requires using their company manual. The manual contains multiple pages of barcodes each coinciding with a part. Employees were using gun grip scanners to read barcodes in the manual but the barcodes were often printed close together, resulting in scanning the wrong part.


    Boeing discovered Unitech through an Internet search. A Unitech rep recommended a few options and shipped demo units for Boeing to try before buying.

    One of these units was the MS100 Pen Scanner; a high-performance scanner that can be tethered to a data collection device using a USB cord. As the name suggests, you hold it like a pen and swipe it across the desired barcode. A physical swipe made ordering more accurate than with a hand scanner and easier to hold because of its light form factor.

    The MS100 reads all common 1D linear barcodes and its ergonomic design gives you a comfortable hold. The swipe-to-scan feature provides more versatile readability with wider barcodes that point-and-shoot gun grip scanners can’t offer.

    Boeing purchased over 10,000 MS100 pen scanners which were distributed nationwide for use in all of their repairs divisions. The budget-friendly price point and simple functionality were among the biggest reasons why the flight giant chose Unitech for their needs. They also found Unitech easy to work with and loved the comprehensive warranty and access to Unitech’s live support and repair.

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